Thursday, January 7, 2010

Religious Leaders

If a person of faith should give away all that they own, or at least the excess, then why are so many believers and religious leaders very well off? If you’re a Catholic, why is the Pope decorated in so many jewels? Shouldn’t they be sold and the proceeds given to the needy? If you’re LDS (Mormon) then why are so many of the recent and past leaders of the church so well off? Many of them have been very successful in businesses. Some have had world renowned private practices. Why didn’t they practice for free in third world nations? If you’re of another Christian faith, then think about your pastor or preacher. What kind of car does he drive? What is his house like? Does he live as meekly as he could, or should? What about the large church organizations of the world. Many of them have very high net worth. Why don’t those churches sell their real estate, or cash out their investment accounts and give it to the poor?

If we are honest with ourselves, I’m sure that everyone, including religious leaders, would be able to spend a bit more, and give a bit less. I’m not asking you to pass judgment, and I’m definitely not passing judgment myself. However, if you do feel that your religious leader is not using your contributions responsibly then maybe you should consider finding a new congregation. I once met a preacher who’s congregation had just bought him a brand new Corvette. If nothing else, something like that should raise questions. The choice of a congregation is a decision only you can make with the guidance of the Lord. I am simply asking you to think about these questions, because if you think about them you will find the answers to our other questions.


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