Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food Storage

As we all hopefully know, there are more things to wealth than money and physical possessions. One of the greatest things we can have is freedom. We are enslaved on a daily basis by many necessary evils, and some not so necessary. For example, debt and work. Though some people may claim exception, debt is not a necessary evil. Work is the same way. We have certain obligations that limit our choices. Another unnecessary evil is lack of preparation.

You may not think a disaster will happen where you live. You may think that even if something did happen that the government would come to your rescue. This is America for crying out loud. Well, the people that experienced Hurricane Katrina learned that both of those assumptions are not necessarily true. So it is time we stop making excuses and prepare. When we are prepare we will feel the freedom that comes with it. We will feel the security knowing that if anything did happen we would be ok. If you're not sure how to prepare visit You can also find this link under my favorite links. It's not the prettiest site, but it has everything you need.

Food storage is one way you can prepare, and now is the time to do it. I have spoken many times about inflation and what I think is in the future. With the Federal Reserves latest round of what they call "easing" there is only one way prices can go. So if you are ever going to get food storage, now is the time to do it. Clothing is another thing that is going to get more expensive. Many U.S. retailers including Gap Inc. say that clothing prices will increase as much as 30% by spring.

There are a few places you can go to get your food storage. If money is not an issue then is a good option. They definitely have the nicest food. If money is an issue, but not a problem then is a good alternative. They still have a nice selection of food and they aren't as expensive. It isn't as nice of food though. If money is a problem then there is only one place to go. This link will help you find a home storage center near you. This is a cheap as it gets. Call them and they will give you a list of options.

Canning is another cheap option. You can find information on canning at Click on food storage and then canning.

People may laugh at me. They may call me paranoid or delusional. What ever they call me I have the peace of mind that no matter what happens my family will be ok.


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