Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are You a "Financial Jellyfish?"

Are you a financial jellyfish? Jellyfish can look very beautiful in the water. As they get closer and closer to the shore, their true character is revealed. They begin to be tossed about by the currents. Then they are beaten by the waves, until they show up flattened and limp on the shore. Financial Jellyfish are the same. They tend to follow the crowd and do what society thinks is best. If multi-millionaires are rare, then why would anyone follow the crowd? However, there is hope for financial jellyfish. We can all learn and change. It's starts by financial education. If you answer yes to more than a few of the questions below, you might be a financial jellyfish.

  1. Do you carry a balance on your credit cards?
  2. Is your car worth more than your house/home?
  3. Do you purchase "new" cars?
  4. Do you max out your contributions to your 401k?
  5. Do you make extra principle payments on your mortgage?
  6. Do you think the S&P is going to give you 10% returns on into retirement?
  7. Do you plan on living off of social security when you retire?
  8. Do you live paycheck to paycheck?
  9. Do you save less than 20% of your income every month?
  10. Do you worship a financial ENTERTAINER (ie Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman)?
As I said, there is still hope. None of us are perfect. Just keep following Richest Man In Zion, and keep trying to make good financial decisions. True change takes time.


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