Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review: Killing Sacred Cows by Garrett Gunderson

Killing Sacred Cows is about debunking financial myths that infest our society. Not only do they infest our society, but these myths keep up from reaching our full potential. The majority of people do things like contribute to their 401k, try to get out of debt, and pay down their mortgage. These are all good things, right? Then why are the majority of people strugling to get by let alone retire rich? Dave ramsey says that you have to "get mad" in order to get out of debt. You have to live on rice and beans, beans and rice. However, Kim Hubbard made a very good point when he said, "I haven't heard of anybody that wanted to stop living on account of the cost."

In economics the majority is seldom right. I would argue the same is true for personal finance. This book will open you eyes and help you start living freely, and at the same time you can start to prosper financially. Garrett addresses many of the myths I have tried to address here on Richest Man In Zion. He goes a step further and debunks other myths, chiches, and faulty retirement planning advice.

If you are wanting to go from financial jellyfish to artful swimmer, then this book is for you. I think it is a well rounded approach at creating a new financial perspective. I have long proclaimed that our current financial service industry is corrupt and faulty. With recent turbulent times, people are starting to listen. This book will help you understand what is wrong with societies finances. Garret doesn't leave you hanging there. He gives you a formula and a plan to get yourself on the right path. After destroying everything you've been taught your entire life about personal finances, he puts you on your feet again.

My rating; 8.5 of 10. I especially recomend this book for anyone just starting to educate themselves financially. It's an easy read filled with quotes and little tidbits here and there. Hang on to it a bit and learn the formula for setting things right.


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